Sunday, June 26, 2011

First real post

Went for a 20 or so minute run yesterday... was the usual 3.3 km run sort of around the block, with the hill in the beginning (which I *still* walk part of...).
It's disappointing sometimes how little progress I seem to have made, but then I think about how often I cross-train...and to see results I really need to run more often and do other sports less! Oh how evil to have more than one passion.
It was a really good run though - despite the fact that I've had some kind of stomach bug since I came back from Vietnam, and a headache, and I almost didn't go because "it might rain". Really need to get that thinking out of my head.
It was also difficult to run in Vietnam. When there was a gym in my hotel I managed to bust out a couple of runs, but most of the time there wasn't, and running around the city was a definite no - there was no clear pathways (all the paths were covered in people sitting in stools, motorbikes, and other random stuff) and the pollution was insane... no thanks!
I did a 45 minute run on Thursday, so trying to get back to normal after Vietnam. Will do another on Tuesday - cross-training today with perhaps a swim (will see how I feel, still a bit sick), and then bodypump tomorrow and maybe a walk.

Edit: went for a bit of a swim, about 45 mins. Was still feeling gross to the stomach though so it was a pretty gentle swim, did 54 laps (25m pool) Now feeling yuck again...