I've been running since about April 2010, after failing to pass "the beep test" (when I thought I was fit!) pushed me into action!!!

When I was at school, I was in the last division in running, and I often came last. I am just not a natural runner. Fast forward  a few years... and I'm still slow, but running is now my passion and even if I'm just shuffling along, I'm happy.

When starting to run again in 2010, I hated it. I could only go about 200 m before puffing and panting and having to walk for a bit, but I persisted. My housemate once drove past me while I was "running" and said it looked like I was going about 2km / hr!
Nevertheless, I kept going... 

I heard about HIIT from somewhere, and started trying to implement that to improve my speed. I started doing that a few times a week, using light posts as my markers. I would run full-pelt to one, walk to the next, and so on. This was done in cheap and nasty shoes.... ON CONCRETE! With legs that were not used to running... so from this I first developed a mild case of shin splints, but enough to scare me off for a while.

Later on after walking a lot in thongs which provide almost no support, I also developed plantar fasciitis which took a long time to heal, and still surfaces occasionally. This sidelined me again.

I kept up my fitness doing spinning classes and swimming, and slowly I returned to running. I'm still slow, but I'm happy to report I can now happily run 10km without stopping, and a few weeks ago I cut up to 20 minutes off my slowest time in a 12 km race - and I only walked the hills portion :)

My ultimate goal? To run a half-marathon - then a marathon.
Other goals include improving my average speed so that I'm no longer a turtle-speed runner, but the hare!

My "race" results

These were all kinda just done for fun and not really "racing"... but hey, doesn't hurt to post them.

City 2 Surf 12km results:
2009: 1:33:17
2010: 1:27:33
2011: 1:19:25

Run for a reason 14km:
2010: 1:50:49
2011: 1:39:31

Bridges 10km:
2011: 1:01:40 (PB for 10km, wish I could repeat this...)