About Me

Age: 20 "something"

From: Western Australia

Studying: Nutrition & Health Promotion at university

Colour: Purple
Season: Winter
Making lists
Food: Cocoa powder

Fitness Favourites:
Been running about 1 year, since about March 2010 - was motivated when I failed the "beep test" when I thought I was fit!! So I set out to improve my score and began running...
I started about it all the wrong way and have suffered shin splints, plantar fasciitis and knee pains. Now I'm starting all over again, real slow....
I also love kickboxing (been doing it for about 6 years), swimming & bushwalking - and I'm trying to force myself to love weights!

I was overweight in high school, lost the weight the healthy way - and then suffered disordered eating after going through a rough time. I'm now trying to lose the weight I gained from binging my way back up...

Lose 5-10 kg
Run a half-marathon
Increase "easy jog" speed to 10km/hr
Run injury free
Eat intuitively and not "because it's time to eat" or for emotional reasons
Do more weights sessions!!!
(see more in 101 in 1001 days list)

Things that make me happy
Facing my fears, and how I live my life