Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIAW #9 or #10... Random goodness.

I originally started WIAW for a few reasons - meet new bloggers, find new recipes & to encourage myself to try new foods - mainly vegetable related as that is my weakness (love veg - can't be bothered preparing it) But I've gotten a bit lazy with it and end up just taking pictures when I eat something interesting - and mainly only stealing recipes for sweet foods ;). Oh well, at least I'm trying! :) 

Here's some eats from the last week or so.

One of the ugliest bowls of oats - steel cut oats soaked overnight and then cooked in the microwave this morning, mixed with a banana, tbsp maple syrup, cinnamon and about a tsp of peanut flour. Great combination :D

Peanut butter protein cookie by Titan. Only seem to be able to buy these at my gym, but it was sooo good! Soft and gooey like a cookie should be. Should definitely try making my own.

These were some peanut flour pancakes that didn't really go to plan... needed waaay more liquid because they were super tiny and fat. Tasted great though! Topped with mixed berries & cottage cheese.

A packed breakfast for Sunday since I was out all day Sat up until Sunday afternoon. Chocolate Hazelnut milk + Dark Choc, Cranberry & Almond Bar.

Packed snacks for Sunday - cherry tomatoes, blueberries & medjool dates. 

Saturday's packed lunch - my attempt at a bento box!! Included: 1 PB & J sandwich (in roll-up form), chocolate animal cookies, 2 medjool dates (stuffed with chocolate cookies), blueberries & a luna bar (nutz over chocolate?)

This was a bit of a challenge... was over a friend's place one night and we had cocktails and chocolates. First time I tried Blue Caracao... wasn't a huge fan!

A peanut & choc chip banana bread from the freezer, yummooo

Gummy vitamins... cheers to whoever's blog I saw these on. Best way to get vitamins ever :D Who cares if the packet has "Kid's vitamins" on it hehehehehe.

Here's my workout for today - I missed the BodyPump class I was going to attend due to my car having a flat battery, so I devised my own home circuit. This is copied from dailymile:

Circuit sesh 00:36 mins
Missed BodyPump but made up for it with a wicked home circuit. Had 10 "stations" with bits of paper telling me what to do (something I do often) and went around in a circle in the room 3 times (no rests). All weights used 2.5 kg per hand (or bodyweight)
1st station: Biceps x 15 & 1 min wall squat.
2nd station: chest press x 15 & tricep dips x 15
3: Lunges 15 each leg & bicycle squat thing
4: Shoulder lift thing x 15 & shoulder side lift thing x 15
5: wall squat again
6: 15 x pushups
7: situps with medicine ball x 15
8: squats with medicine ball x 15 & upright row x 15
9: plank 1 min + side plank each side 30 seconds
10: deadlifts x 15 + army situps x 15
After doing that 3 times I did this mini circuit once (all the exercises I hate ;)
mountain climbers x 15
burpees x 15
turkish getups x 15
toe taps x 15
jackknifes x 15
And then lay down for five minutes catching my breath ;)

It was a pretty good circuit, might have to repeat it next time! Definitely had my heart going a lot more than in a BodyPump class.


  1. Looks like you had great eats and a great workout. :D Your lunch bento looks sooo cute! PB&J rollups are such a great idea.

  2. Haha pretty sure it was my blog where you saw the gummy vitamins. I love 'em! I'd love to hear the recipe if you figure out how to replicate the protein cookie. It looks and sounds delicious!

  3. I love gummy vitamins so so much! Well perhaps too much actually... I am often tempted to eat about 20 of them at once haha
    And this is a fantastic circuit! I think I might try it TODAY when I go to the gym! I always am at the gym with bits of paper with workouts written on them too... I probably look a bit weird lol

  4. That peanut and chocolate chip banana bread sounds good!

  5. Love the PB&J roll-up idea. Guess what my kids are getting in their lunch tomorrow? :)

  6. Love all your eats! I really like Carmans bars, they are a perfect snack! :) Happy WIAW!

  7. The bento box looks delicious! Does pre-soaking steel cut oats make them cook faster?

  8. Okay your oatmeal combo is right up my alley! Love it!

    So I totally would not have been as dedicated as you were to go and make your own bodypump! You go girl!

  9. I actually think those pancakes look great. You can always even out the dryness by just putting cottage cheese or yogurt on top which it looks like you did. Yum.

  10. I love gummy vitamins, they're perfect!! Your breakfast looks terrible, but sounds amazing!! I love that you soak it over night. Does that make for a shorter cooking time?

  11. That protein cookie looks delicious!

  12. that box of goodies looks so good!

  13. Is it weird that I saw you oatmeal and thought it looked really good?! And those PBJ wraps! We have a place in Atlanta that has PBJ sushi rolls on the kids menu. I order them without shame. :)

  14. That is the best "bento box" I have seen, so cute. :-)

  15. I've been looking for those choc. hazelnut milk for ages!!!:D Where do you get them??

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I am interested in that PB protein cookie. That actually sounds good and if I have a recipe that can produce that, I'll probably make it. I am still looking for ways to get more protein in my diet.

  17. I love the sushi sandwiches! Chocolate hazelnut milk I haven't seen this at the shops...definitely something I'd want to try. You had a lot of wonderful eats :)

  18. I can almost taste that pb cookie, it looks so good! The pancakes and topping look delicious too - and I agree, blue curacao is nassssty :-)

  19. I love your bento box creation! So cute.
    And the peanut butter cookie looks delicious. (:

    Awesome workout!