Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Broken toe :(

I know this will sound weird, but I was really glad to find out I had "broken" (hairline fracture) my toe. I have been limping for 10 days and the toe was still swollen, and I felt like I was being a sook thinking it still hurts.

Glad in that way... super upset in another. It was not even that long ago that I was really happy to be running at a 6 minute/km pace consistently. Well, today (yeah, after I got the X-ray, because I'm an idiot) I ran a 5 minute pace. (8 minute mile). I promise I will stop running if the doctor tells me to do so tomorrow when I show her the X-ray - as much as it pains me to say so. My toe hurt like hell after I did that run... I don't know what I was thinking :(

Anyway. So like always seems to happen with runners, just when you feel like you're getting somewhere good, along comes a fun injury. And mine wasn't even running induced, which annoys me even more. If you missed the story - I dropped a 73kg item on my shoe while at work.

I tried the elliptical and it hurt, the bike hurt too (the foot strap mainly kept touching my toe), and the rowing machine (which was sort of OK...?). I also tried doing a lunge and almost squealed.... so I'm left with probably upper arm strength work and swimming? BORING...

I'm guessing the doc is going to say 4-6 weeks to heal, since that's what Google has told me. Basically the whole of the rest of my uni holidays :( I was already bored enough without my running being taken away from me!!! Ugh...

 Here's the break - it looks like it's on both sides. The left bit actually protrudes on my toe and you can feel it... not like out of the skin or anything, but it's a distinct bump. In actuality it is a pretty mild fracture, but I've never broken a bone before so it's kinda fascinating to me.

Also - it is very difficult to take a photo of an X-ray.

In completely random other news, trying to boost my mood I had my first taste of fro-yo :D This was banana & chocolate, with blueberries, choc chips, m&ms, jelly beans, froot loops & gummy bears (Basically most of the toppings - I was going to go with just blueberries & choc chips but then I thought why not....!)
It was pretty good except some of the lollies were kind of stale :(

Also - I apologise for being super lazy commenting on blogs / replying to comments lately. I have no excuse since I'm still on uni break... I read blogs and then just don't comment... not sure why!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIAW - Raw food cafe

Thanks Jenn for hosting this again :)

So anyway the last week or so where I live has been extremely hot. The last two days were 38'C and 40'C and this is the forecast for the next week:

Like.... WTF?! Seriously?! To put it in perspective for you Americans out there... 38'C is 100'F and 42'C is 107'F. The minimum temperature is hardly a minimum either!!!

My house doesn't have air conditioning... so I'm spending my days sticking to the leather couch and not moving a great deal. I have managed to drag myself to the gym for a run yesterday (where I splashed the crap out of the treadmill with sweat... isn't that a beautiful image??!) and a swim on Monday. Tonight might be another swim, I don't think I can face the weights room...

To anyone who says they are jealous, you have obviously never suffered a week of this heat... and to be fair, neither have I. Usually it is two to three days and then the relief of a cooler day - and that's bad enough!

Anyway enough talking about the weather, since this is in fact a WIAW... today mum & I went off to a Raw Food cafe. I've been wanting to go ever since I found out it opened up. It was FREAKING AMAZING....

Here's what we ate...

First out was our smoothies... mine was the green one (spinach & banana and I forget what else) and mum had the mango... it was like a lassi but with almond milk and walnuts and stuff. I tasted both, and both were delicious.

My main meal (nachos) This was soooo delicious. The crackers were I think flaxseed and buckwheat dehydrated, then a tomato salsa, guacamole and cashew "cream cheese". I ate every single crumb.

Mum's soup. She couldn't remember what was in it. Flax crackers on the side. It was yum though!

My dessert... a florentine. I can never say no to these, and why not a raw version too... (You can see how hot it is by the fact half the chocolate has already melted before I've touched it...)

Raw chocolate cheesecake. I tasted this too... it was SO GOOD! The base tasted like a walnutty mix, and I don't really know what was in the middle but it tasted pretty unhealthy even though it wasn't ;)

I would definitely go back there! The meal was about $65 for both drinks, both mains and desserts so pretty average pricing. And I felt full but not disgustingly bloaty gross full like you usually feel when you eat out. So it was great! 

This weekend I'm supposed to be running in my first club race which is a XC, but I'm pretty sure it will be cancelled. They said they will cancel it if the fire danger is in "extreme", and at the moment in the seven day forecast that's what it's saying... :( Hope it changes!!!

On other news... the foot that I dropped the generator on is not really healing and I swear there's a bone sticking up where it shouldn't be sticking up. I can't walk without pain, but I can run without pain. Work that one out.... :S It's also still swollen. But since I can still run without pain, I plan on it!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesdays :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

Everything will be OK.

I can't believe what a different person I become when I'm surrounded by people I love. I'm happy, bubbly, outgoing and apparently really funny. I just spent two weeks in Melbourne with 20 of my workmates. We see each other twice a year for two weeks, and we have become really close. I had such an amazing time and have a renewed vigour for life, I hope that it lasts!
I think a lot of the problems I was feeling before I left was just too much time on my hands to think. When I was surrounded by friends 24/7, I did not worry or think about food all the time. I was more relaxed. I didn't feel depressed, except 1 day when I just felt off anyway.
I ate really well and did heaps of exercise the first week:

Saturday: rest
Sunday: Interval run session with friends:
4 x 400m
2 x 200m
8 x 100m
(Pushups & squats inbetween each rep)
& a 1.25 km swim.
Monday: arm workout with friends: heaves, pushups, leg lifts & shoulder presses.
Tuesday: 4 km run
Wednesday: 5 km run
Thursday: random gym workout - kickboxing for 30 mins, legs for 30 minutes + 0.5km in the pool.
Friday: 5 km run + 1.65 km swim
Saturday: rest

All of the workouts were awesome fun.

The next week wasn't as great as I got busier with work and injured myself on the Wednesday:
Sunday: 9km run (split into 5 & 4)
Monday: 10 minute swim
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 7.5 km hilly run

and then nothing for four days...

My injury was sustained during work, basically I was lifting a generator which weighs 73kg out of a vehicle trailer with a friend, and must have lost my grip, it landed on my foot. Luckily the shoes are pretty good (not steel cap, but tough enough!) So all I sustained was dark bruising, swelling and a black toenail. It really hurts to bend the big toe though, so I've been limping around and not running. I'm hoping it will be fine soon?? I'm very lucky to have been wearing those shoes....

I plan on spending this week mainly doing swimming and strength work so to let it heal properly, but if I'm desperate I might give a go at running tomorrow and see how I feel.

I must mention also that I'm pretty proud of how disgustingly I ate in the second week... I know that sounds crazy haha :P But I literally had like 3000+ calories in the last three days (each day) - mostly in booze and hangover food! Had some AMAZING nights, and they were seriously really fun, so it was worth everything. I even had a Hungry Jacks (Burger King) meal and enjoyed it... mind you at the time I was really, really drunk and probably seriously needed it. The best part??? I didn't feel overly guilty, because I knew it was just a couple of days of fun and then I could resume eating normally and everything would be OK. I also did not count calories for the whole two weeks.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Just a quick one, forgot to mention im away for two weeks work again so another blog hiatus!! Updating on daily mile though, if youre on there.

Have been doing some awesome workouts though as everyone here is really into fitness and one of my good friends is a personal trainer :)

I'm sore all over!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIAW - Migraine foods...

Yay! 50th WIAW... can't believe it's been going that long.

I will preface this WIAW by saying that I haven't logged everything I ate today - and that also it was a lighter eating day since I was crook all day. I was pretty bummed. Kickboxing went back last night (after Christmas break), and a migraine started to develop so I went to bed early. Unfortunately it persisted through today, so I can't go tonight either. And then I'm going away for two weeks again with work! D'oh!

So I spent today watching trashy TV like "Glamour mums" and "Dance mums" haha. They're fascinating... what can I say... and also rummaging through my massive pile of running magazines and pulling out inspirational bits to keep. While the migraine came with lovely nausea & epic bloating, that can never put me totally off food. I love it too much.

Anyway, without further adou / adieu / ado???? here is the food.

A weird creation I made over Christmas break - chocolate cherry bread with eggnog & using chickpea flour. A little too chickpea-ish, but yummy all the same.

The best lunch ever. It looks pretty simple.. but it was so tasty!
1: Ricotta with blackcurrant jam on four seed bread.
2. Yellow capsicum (called bell pepper in the US I believe?) avocado and rock salt on the same bread
3. Hommus with homemade cherry tomato chutney and rock salt. Probably the best one!

Dutch mints. Mints seem to help with the nausea that accompanies my migraines. I had to hold off buying the whole Dutch section at the supermarket... stroopwafels, chocolate hagel, almond fingers... *drools* (... I'm half Dutch if you're wondering)

Another snack, self-explanatory. 

Chocolate avocado mousse - this is a recycled picture, the one I had today didn't have the fancy fruit going on.

Soy cappuccino, caffeine helps dull the pain.

Oats... recycled pic. This morning's oats were actually cranberry & vanilla ;P

Dinner... I know everyone's probably sick of seeing sweet potatoes with nut butter.. but that's what I had for dinner, so there :P