Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ending the negativity

I've realised lately that I'm actually not as recovered as I thought I was. 

I've written several posts - about five, in fact - that I have decided not to post as they were just so negative. 

This isn't what I wanted this blog to be about at all. I'm confused about everything.

There is no need for another blogger out there who posts negative things or talks all about their ED, or seems to "encourage" the idea... I wanted this blog to be about being fit, healthy and happy - not counting calories and being unhappy - which is really the place I am at. I hate reading other blogs and seeing that people think they are better, when really they are not. It just makes me sad.

One thing that made me realise I am not recovered was how hard Christmas was for me. It wasn't that I was forced to eat anything I didn't want to, but I was constantly on edge and bit my whole family's head off with my attitude. They were mad at me for it. I did not enjoy Christmas at all.

I have made an appointment with a dietician, but I couldn't get in until the end of January. I don't know what the problem is, exactly... I'm not anorexic or bulimic as before, but I seem to be leaning much more towards the orthorexic ways and it's just not cool. I also think the fact that I've been quite depressed plays a big part, and eating healthy is something else to focus on. It's completely complicated by so many other factors!!

But as I said, I don't want this blog to be about that. So from now on, expect an end to the negativity - it means I will post much less, most likely - and a return to posts about my passions in life - running & kickboxing. I suppose that will become easier next year when I start doing more races.

I think I will make a start to posting positive posts soon, perhaps with some more "things that make me happy" type posts.


  1. I'm rooting for you. <3 Don't let the negativity get you down, and I sincerely hope your appointment with the dietician goes well. I've got an appointment too, but I don't know when I'll be able to see them either. Can't wait for your happy posts. :) Stay strong!

  2. I'm sorry things have been so rough for you lately!! I'm glad you're being proactive though. Some people would just let themselves get more disordered and depressed, but you are taking action an that's a huge step in the right direction. I think it's a great idea to focus on your passions and positivity! We're here for you :)

  3. I really do believe in the power of positive thinking and believing in yourself. I can understand your difficulties with food because I have been there.

    Everyone's different but for me I try and make really good decisions about food and indulge once in a while. I am just in the habit of truly loving whole real food.

  4. I'm sorry to hear things have been really rough. I had no idea. I'm glad you are being much more open and proactive which will again help you. I'm thinking of you my friend<3