Friday, July 29, 2011

On hold!

My running training has been somewhat put on hold, as this week I started boot camp. (I got a free two-week pass).
I tried to continue on as planned, but my 4km run on Tuesday just HURT after Monday's session, and after Wednesday's session, I could barely move! So Thursday I had a rest day and not feeling too bad after today's session... although I have a suspicion I did not push myself hard enough this morning!

We did do a bit of running in each of the boot camp sessions, so it's not like I'm not running at all... anyway my shins were hurting a fair bit Wednesday too, so probably best that I'm not running too much. I'll get back into it after the two week trial (although I'm enjoying it a lot, so I may extend it???)

I'm thinking tomorrow I'm going to do a bit of a run on the treadmill at the gym (less impact on the shins) just so I'm keeping up (to an extent) with the program... then maybe a light swim, and yoga on Sunday to stretch it all out ready for Monday's boot camp sesh!

Today I had chocolate cinnamon oats for breakfast, salmon sushi for lunch, a protein bar for a snack (one that tasted very much like a mars bar, mmm!!), and for dinner I had a microwave meal of beef cannelloni *gasp*... haha. Then after dinner I had various snacks such as ABC spread with quandong jam on a piece of wholemeal bread, a couple of crackers, a bit of berry yoghurt... yeah, wasn't very hungry all day but got the munchies after dinner!