Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today I went for a 7km run, and ohmygosh it was slow... I don't know what was going on but I just couldn't get my legs to happen... lungs were fine, just the legs were failing. Kinda similar to the run on Tuesday? Thursday's run was great though.
It's been a bit hard though as last week and the week before I was at a really full on course where we worked from 7am-9pm most days. I tried to get in a few runs but it meant skimping on sleep. I probably managed to go for 4 decent runs in the two weeks. I suppose that's not too bad but this week I feel like I've lost all my fitness!
I've set up a little plan for myself only increasing my distance by 10% each week so that I get up to the level I'll need for the City to Surf in about 5 weeks time, so hopefully that should go well.

Hmm, today I have eaten so so so much food, it's ridiculous. Almost all healthy, except for the small bag of banana bread pretzels - seriously, who invented those?! Amazing... even more amazing is the lack of anything banana related in the ingredients, yet it tastes like banana. There's not even "artificial flavour", so I fail to understand. Oh well. Lindt 85% is also seriously amazing.