Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Broken toe :(

I know this will sound weird, but I was really glad to find out I had "broken" (hairline fracture) my toe. I have been limping for 10 days and the toe was still swollen, and I felt like I was being a sook thinking it still hurts.

Glad in that way... super upset in another. It was not even that long ago that I was really happy to be running at a 6 minute/km pace consistently. Well, today (yeah, after I got the X-ray, because I'm an idiot) I ran a 5 minute pace. (8 minute mile). I promise I will stop running if the doctor tells me to do so tomorrow when I show her the X-ray - as much as it pains me to say so. My toe hurt like hell after I did that run... I don't know what I was thinking :(

Anyway. So like always seems to happen with runners, just when you feel like you're getting somewhere good, along comes a fun injury. And mine wasn't even running induced, which annoys me even more. If you missed the story - I dropped a 73kg item on my shoe while at work.

I tried the elliptical and it hurt, the bike hurt too (the foot strap mainly kept touching my toe), and the rowing machine (which was sort of OK...?). I also tried doing a lunge and almost squealed.... so I'm left with probably upper arm strength work and swimming? BORING...

I'm guessing the doc is going to say 4-6 weeks to heal, since that's what Google has told me. Basically the whole of the rest of my uni holidays :( I was already bored enough without my running being taken away from me!!! Ugh...

 Here's the break - it looks like it's on both sides. The left bit actually protrudes on my toe and you can feel it... not like out of the skin or anything, but it's a distinct bump. In actuality it is a pretty mild fracture, but I've never broken a bone before so it's kinda fascinating to me.

Also - it is very difficult to take a photo of an X-ray.

In completely random other news, trying to boost my mood I had my first taste of fro-yo :D This was banana & chocolate, with blueberries, choc chips, m&ms, jelly beans, froot loops & gummy bears (Basically most of the toppings - I was going to go with just blueberries & choc chips but then I thought why not....!)
It was pretty good except some of the lollies were kind of stale :(

Also - I apologise for being super lazy commenting on blogs / replying to comments lately. I have no excuse since I'm still on uni break... I read blogs and then just don't comment... not sure why!


  1. I'm sorry about your toe! Ouch!!!

    I had fro-yo tonight! Isn't it delish!?

  2. Oh, no!! A broken toe is no fun, I did that in highschool and it was a real pain! Your fro-yo looks fantastic! :)

  3. I broke my toe right before my state competition last year and missed nationals. I had to take 5 weeks off running. I managed to maintain my fitness with cross training though. I know it might seem like a stupid thing to stop running for, but your toes are really important! You can go back to around June on my blog and read all about it of you want.. It kind of sucked but had the time allowed it to heal!

  4. Ouch, that's rubbish :( That said, if it takes 6 weeks of rest to fix it totally so that you'll have no repercussions in the future, it's definitely worth it, as niggly reoccurring injuries suck.