Thursday, February 2, 2012

New exercise plan

Ha! Stupid no-running depression, I am totally kicking you to the curb with my new little exercise plan...

Instead of my usual:
4 x runs per week
2 x kickboxing (which I haven't been doing due to work + injury + christmas hols since NOVEMBER ugh)
1 x easy cross-train (swim/elliptical)
3 x weights (usually only manage one per week anyway)

I now have planned:
4 x swims per week (1 long, 1 fast, 2 easy)
2 x indoor bike (1 HIIT, 1 hills)
1 x easy cross-train (probably some game on Wii or modified yoga to only use upper body)
3 x weights sessions (mostly arms, though I think squats would be OK?)

It will be different, and hell yes I will still miss running, but this is a way to keep myself sane....

Oh, and I finally got the results for the cross-country I ran on the weekend... yes with my broken toe (I was clearly in some serious denial). I came 56 out of 86, lol... 20th out of the females and 6th in my age group. The girl who came first in my age group ran at a 5:13 pace. Totally doable, if I had actually run at race pace.... gets me motivated for next time!!

Here's some pics from the locations where the race was:

Yep that's my tiny little city in the background :) 

So purdy!


  1. oh, what a bummer with your toe and not being able to run! i know the feeling of depression induced by not being able to run. sounds like a great workout though, to kick that depression in the butt! get better soon!

  2. I am sorry about your toe :( but your new plan looks great! You are dealing with the injury while also talking care of your body and this is essential of course. Keep up the good work, and feel better asap!!

  3. You will get through this! A good few weeks of cross training can actually really help an balance you out, so I think you actually might benefit! If you can pool run, you should definitely try it! I know it's not an option that is available to everyone, but it replicates running really well!

  4. That looks like a solid plan to me! That's too bad about your toe but you have a good work-around with that plan.

  5. Pretty pics! Wishing you a speedy recovery with your toe, love the workout plan!

  6. Sounds like you have a great plan! I think the key during injury is to find other workouts to focus your energy on (and don't strain the injured region)! Hope you are back and running in no time!