Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Tournament

 So today I fought in the novice (questionable?!) tournament in kickboxing. I'm half happy with how it went. I fought in two fights. But first of all, here's how I fuelled up:

Breakfast was a crumbled up pumpkin almond muffin in peanut flour mixed with yoghurt. Delicious! Pretty much after I ate this the nerves set in and I couldn't eat much else - so lunch was two pieces of plain toast with jam, and I didn't eat anything else till dinner - not like me at all!

The first fight was scheduled for 3.30 pm, but we pretty much knew it wouldn't go to schedule. The kids fights always go over, which is OK since they are super cute and fun to watch, and some of them have some serious talent. Warmed up upstairs but it was so long before my fight I'd practically cooled down again. Anyway, on the "fixture" it had me fighting a girl who had been doing kickboxing since she was like, 5, appears on all the club's promotional posters, fights in international competitions and I was like... umm... I entered the NOVICE comp right? It only intensified my nerves, but I tried to calm myself down with positive thinking.

Anyway so the idea was that I would fight her and then the loser would fight another girl (who had 20 years experience - compared to me with 6 years - and having just had 3 years off!!!) So you can see why I was struggling to feel positive...

Just before the first fight. We had "coaches" sit behind us, but honestly, this woman said absolutely nothing to me at all. The last tournament I fought in I had a great coach, told me areas I could improve and the other fighter's weaknesses etc, gave you water, calmed you down... this woman just freaking sat there. So mad! 

I'm pretty happy with that fight. I was definitely feeling the unfit-ness of having had three years off though. Although I've been running and doing other sport, it's not the same kind of fitness. Kickboxing is like intense bursts of super high activity for three minutes at a time, and I was half dead before the first minute was over!! I still gave it my all and think I did pretty OK considering. I've got no idea how many points either of us got, but she won. It was also good because I fought somebody I knew, and we were pretty chilled out talking to each other beforehand and hugged after, etc. Made it more fun. As the other girl pulled out and I didn't have to fight her, I was given a silver medal. Score? Kinda feels unearned but I'll take it!!

Before the second fight. I'm on the left with a slightly better coach who at least introduced himself! (Sorry, my mum kinda sucks at photography ;) Sorry mum. This one was against a girl I didn't know, but she was a third dan black belt whereas I am one (requires at least 3 years more training).

The difference was, I felt like I had this one. She looked tired and "over it" after her first fight. I felt good. I got in quite a few good punches, but unfortunately punches are worth 1 point and kicks are worth two. So while I got about 4 punches and she got 2 kicks, that kept us even. Then one of my kicks wasn't counted because somehow they didn't see it (Pissed off.) and they counted one of hers which I blocked. Like what the??! And that fight was over really quick, without me feeling like I had quite put in the same effort as the other one. :( It was 1 point difference, and I lost again.

(I'm the black blur)

Despite losing both fights to much more experienced competitors (after less than one month training...) I had a great time and learned a fair bit. The adrenalin rush is insane, which is possibly why I've been contemplating bed since about 7.30 pm!!!

A little annoyed about the lack of coaching, being placed against international competitors despite wanting to go in as a novice, them missing my kick etc... but I should just suck it up and get over it! Finding it hard though. On the plus side, I had a great time and will definitely be entering again next year, hoping for a rematch ;)


  1. This is all incredibly impressive to someone who has no kickboxing experience. Sometimes competing against people who are better than you really helps for the future and you learn way more. Don't let two fights bog you down, because there are more in the future!

  2. I agree with Tara, I have absolutely no experience and this is rather amazing for me to read! I know you will learn and benefit from these two fights, and ready to rage next time :)

  3. That's unfortunate about your coach. I've had a slew of good and bad coaches in my lifetime--I try to not rely on them because I've been dealt my fair share of not so awesome ones, but it's hard not to let it influence you at all.

  4. This is fascinating! Thanks for the peek inside a world that I know absolutely nothing about.

  5. I agree with Stephanie, really interesting to hear how it works... I've loved the kickboxing I've done (not much at all) and these competitions sound great! Such a shame about the coach and the judges not seeing your moves in the other fight but sounds like you did yourself proud :-)

  6. Congrats on getting back into kickboxing! The main thing is you had fun! I loved this little glimpse into the kickboxing world :)

  7. wow, i'm just like eleanor and stephanie, i've never kickboxed before and don't know much about the sport. mostly because i'm sure i'd get the snot kicked out of me, or with my coordination end up somehow kicking myself...hehe.

    but i think u are so awesome for getting back into it and should be very happy with how u did! u'll only improve from here...keep it up! :)

  8. That is fantastic that you do kickboxing! Awesome really. I never did it before and I don't think I can haha.

  9. I'm seriously impressed! I've never done anything like that....