Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIAW #9 - getting back to healthier eating.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I spent the last two weeks in the bush eating very processed food and doing no exercise, so today's and yesterday's food has been an attempt to return to my usual diet. I think after eating crappy food for two weeks it's been a little more difficult than I anticipated - I've actually craved two minute noodles!

Anyway here's some new things I found at the store today - MAN did I miss grocery shopping - plus it was like CHRISTMAS with all these exciting new products.

Rice crackers, a healthy cookie (fruit & nut) and caramel rice cakes in SINGLE SERVES! Awesome...

Chai Latte sachets in berry flavour. I plan to probably mix these up with some oats rather than drink them ;)

Um, this doesn't fit the "healthier eating" bill, but I have never seen this in Australian supermarkets so it had to be bought, and had to be sampled as soon as I came home - with a spoon.

OK, so here's what I ate today:

Banana protein sachet + 5 or 6 frozen raspberries + sprinkle of oats + greek yoghurt.

RAW food bar - spirulina & cashew + 

My favourite iced tea guzzled in the car on the way to the shops.

Salad made with leftovers: Couscous salad, some mince, a boiled egg, a sprinkling of feta cheese, baby spinach, peas, cherry tomatoes, carrot, asparagus.

The cherry tomatoes in my backyard have gone mental:
This is a much bigger bowl than it looks like... and there's still a bowl's worth on the bush that I couldn't be bothered picking!! They taste AMAZING, like candy almost...

Banana with PB + an unpictured apple.

My unhealthy vice. No matter how many times I want to quit, it never happens...

What I worked: Nothing yet... I'm still trying to get my mojo back after two weeks of inactivity :( Hopefully I'll have the energy / motivation to go for a run later on. If not I won't beat myself up about it.

In the meantime... anyone have any good recipes for mountains of tomatoes?


  1. The tomatoes look sooooo good! It's odd to think it's summer there. :P I suggest tomato sandwiches: High quality bread, salt, pepper, olive oil or butter or mayo. It's AMAZING if you have really good tomatoes. ;)

  2. Ha! Diet soda is my unhealthy vice lately too. I had bought a 12 pack for when my family was here for the holiday last week and have been really enjoying the leftover cans! As for the tomatoes, make some margherita pasta and/or tomato bruschetta!

  3. Mmm I vote for tomato sandwiches too!!! Mine go on toasted wheat with mayo, and that's it! Dee-lish!

  4. Diet soda is my weakness too! I don't blame you. And cherry and/or grape tomatoes are soooo delicious. I eat them like candy. :)
    All of your food looks delicious!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the caramel rice cakes!!! I tried the apple cinnamon ones as well and they were delish! :D
    WOW! The Reese pb has not appeared in my local grocery store yet!! Hopefully soon! *cross my fingers*

  6. Good job on returning to your normal eats! That all look delicious, by the way. That salad looks like it tastes amazing.

  7. Great job on getting back to eating what you find that works for your body! Salad looks great... nice and colorful and bursting with nutrients :)

  8. Diet Coke (or Coke Zero) is also my unhealthy vice. I figure it's really not so bad when you think about all the other things you could be eating..and besides, you ate a whole bowl of tomatoes!

    [P.S.- I totally would have bought that peanut butter, too. ;)]

  9. Ooh single serving caramel rice cakes are the best! I've tried the Reese's pb, and unfortunately I didn't think it was really anything special. I wish it had chocolate in it!

    My favorite things to do with tomatoes are bruschetta, salsa or guacamole, and Greek salads!

  10. Wow thats a lot of tomatos! :) You could make a tomato soup!
    Mhmm, that peanut butter sounds delish!

  11. Cherry tomatoes are my favorite snack. I wish I had a garden with them because I would be able to eat them more than I do. So expensive at the grocery store or maybe I'm just super cheap.

  12. Your food looks awesome. That salad looks delish. I love Greek salad with tomato (bell peppers, tomatoes, red onion, olives, feta, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and some salt and pepper) It's pretty much one of my favorite things.

  13. What a fabulous day of eats! I hear ya on trying to kick processed schtuff to the curb!!! Happy wiaw!! <3

  14. Those tomatoes look so amazing!! Last time i "had too many" (is there such a thing??) i put in the oven to dehydrate, just a bit of basalmic, olive oil and salt/pepper for about two hours low/medium about 300F and then bagged and froze them to put in stews and cooking for the future.... And of course gazpacho would be great:)

  15. Weren't you disappointed when the Reese PB didn't taste exactly like a Reeses?! I was a little sad. Not that it kept be from finishing the jar... :)

    I'm really into roasted tomatoes right now. Watch them carefully though! I toss mine in pasta with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil and mozzarella. I love the way they burst in your mouth.

  16. I would definitely make tomato sauce, haha. I hate raw tomatoes but I love them in any cooked/saucy form.

  17. Reeses PB? Oh lord ym hsuband would die if he saw that. That is only like his favorite candy in all the world lol
    I have the same problem as you do with tomatoes, but mine is with zucchini!!

  18. I really like just roasting them with a little oil, s&p and then using that mixture on salads, chicken or sauteed veggies.