Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Goals.

1. Eat more vegetables.

You would be surprised how little vegetables I actually eat. Considering I am an ex (sometimes questionable?) ED sufferer and 95% of what I eat is super healthy, I still don't consume enough vegetables! I'm a little paranoid about them actually... when I was eating super massive amounts in the past with my purely vegetable lunches, I had really bad gas.

2. Run 100 km in November.

I ran 75 km in October, so I'm upping the ante for November. Shouldn't be too difficult.

3. Do one thing each week to get myself out of my comfort zone. This can be anything - food related, social related, exercise related, whatever!

As for my October goals? I don't think I thought them out very well! They were:

1. Reduce the amount of coffee / diet coke I drink - this didn't happen. I drank only one diet coke a week the first three weeks, then had like four in the last week!
2. Prepare my lunch for the week on the weekend - this wasn't necessary as I only had one teaching week left, and the rest I was at home!
3. Actually schedule me-time that isn't exercise related into my study schedule, rather than procrastinating being my me-time - managed this one, though!


  1. I need to get off my recent Diet Coke kick, too. It became an every day habit. Now I'm sticking to every other day and continuing the decrease... it's more difficult than people would think!

  2. Nice goals! I think it's great to try and do things often to get out of our comfort zone. It's too easy to fall into a pattern of taking the easy way around things, but changing it up keeps us on our toes! I am also not great when it comes to coffee and diet coke. I always tell myself I should stop but deep down I don't think I really want to!

  3. These are great goals! I always try and make efforts to bust out of my comfort zone...even though it is rather tough sometimes. We can do it!

  4. Love goals and your November ones are great!

  5. Love your goals! I'm right there with you for the need of more veggies :) I'm starting with at least one per meal (I eat 5-6 times a day). I hope to go up, just a little, from there :)

    Liz @ Southern Charm

  6. I wanna start clocking my mileage in kilometers...it sounds so impressive! And, it is! That's a lot! :) I struggle with veggies, too. Fruit I do really well with, but I only get about 2 veggies a day in :(