Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Summary & Broken blender

I'm pretty stoked with how October has gone. 
I managed to do:
Bodypump 3 times.
My own weights sessions 2 times.
Kickboxing 6 times (not as much as I'd like, but exams held me back here....!!)
Swam 2 times
75km of running (average around 18km / week)
Yoga x 1 (not great!! Need to work on this...)
Elliptical twice.

So I'm thinking for November I'm going to aim for 100km running, and increase weights sessions. It's going to be much more difficult as I'll be away for three weeks with work and I have no idea what the hours are going to be like and whether I'll be able to access gyms and that kind of thing. I'll do an update on November goals later though.

I also finished uni for the year (1st year over! Woo!).

Yesterday morning's breakfast. It was meant to be a smoothie. In the middle of blending, the blender died. DEVASTATED. So I had berries floating in oat milk & yoghurt... I ended up draining the liquidy part and drinking that and eating the rest as a kind of oaty yoghurty mess thing. But... this means no smoothies for a while, and that makes me so so so sad!!! NoooooOOoo....

I've been really bored with food lately and have had to get inventive, so most of my meals have been mish-mash mixtures of totally random stuff - for example this was a piece of bread with cheese, chopped up falafel, and an egg mixed with mushroom and cajun spice... with a bit of spinach thrown on top. (SUPER ugly, isn't it? ;)

Falafel sandwich with random salad... it had pickles and bits of goat's cheese and other stuff.

This is probably the most random :) Some of mum's AWESOME pumpkin soup, two vegie sausages on bread, two mini falafels, and two mushrooms with vegemite on top.

I'm super hungry right now, hopefully dinner will be ready soon. We're having the full roast with all the trimmings for my brother's birthday.

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  1. Great job on your workouts this month and finishing your first year! What a great day for you :)