Saturday, September 10, 2011

September Goals

September Goals

Hey so I'm only 10 days late... so we'll call this challenge a 3 week one - no, two, because next week I'm away all week bushwalking.

1. In my never-ending journey to eat like a normal person, I shall eat something which offers little to no nutritional value once a week (Thursday at uni, most likely), just because it looks nice and tastes good - so that's two times this month. Preferably something I used to enjoy pre-ED.
2. I will complete 2 strength workouts a week - (minus the week away)
3. I will actually follow the 100 pushup plan!
4. I will clean my car... been putting this one off too long :)

That should be enough. Anymore and it will just add to my never-ending uni stress. Today I spent roughly seven hours... yep... smashing out some work. On the plus side, I got heaps done. 
Also managed a really enjoyable 3km run this morning, it was such a beautiful day! Thinking of another one tomorrow... then Monday heading off!

Some things I ate today:

One of these oat - almond meal - banana bars, microwaved for 30 seconds till it goes mushy...

And a pumpkin - almond - brazil nut - cashew muffin... 

Yes... I eat way too many nut products in my day, but theyaresodelicious!


  1. Hey, I've just stumbled upon your blog and that banana bar looks delicious! Would you mind sharing the recipe? :)

  2. I would.. if I could remember what's in it!!!! I kind of modified about three different recipes at the time and can't remember what was in it :( Sorry!!