Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trying some new foods...

So today I was a little more adventurous with my food intake, taking note of a few blogging favourites out there and giving them a go!!! I love blogging because of that, I've discovered so many new things to eat and ways to make things :)

Breakfast was pumpkin oats, with a spoonful of ABC spread on top. I wasn't hugely fond... it was nice, and healthy, but it really wasn't something I would rave about and eat over and over... especially with the fact I had to actually cut up, cook and blend a pumpkin to make it! (Although this was made with leftovers from yesterday's muffin mix)

For a snack I tried this one, which I think I found from .running with spoons.'s blog - crumbling up a muffin and mixing with yoghurt. This is one of my pumpkin muffins from yesterday's post, with a bit of strawberry jam, some greek yoghurt and cinnamon. Pretty good combination, will definitely have it again! Especially if I have dry or overcooked muffins, as the yoghurt makes it nice and mooshy.

Then I tried this kombucha stuff. This was "original recipe". I have to admit... I'm not a fan. The first mouthful tasted like vinegar, the second sort of reminded me of beer, or cider that was kind of off. I'm not overly convinced of the health benefits either as there is conflicting information out there about it. I gave it a good go though, drinking about half of the bottle. I tried diluting it with water, but I was not won over!! Yeeuck! Maybe it's better if it's flavoured or something? I dunno, but it was gross.

Workout today: went for a short 3.7km run, took it slow as for some reason my knees are now playing up. Sigh. I tried to get the motivation to go to a BodyPump class but it just wasn't happening, my body seriously wanted to just get out there for a run, so I listened to it.

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  1. I tried kombucha for the first time yesterday! I actually enjoyed it though. I had a fruity flavor - maybe that's the difference? I actually did try it once before but it was a different brand and I didn't like it. I also LOVE pumpkin oats, probably one of the only ways that I actually like oatmeal!