Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carbalicious Wednesday.

I love What I ate Wednesday. It encourages me to eat more of a variety of food :D

So here's my eats from today... plus one pic from yesterday because it needed documenting ;) I've been in a bit of a rut lately  which has led me to be totally uninterested in food in general - I've had to force myself to make food. Somehow it's led me to making and eating totally different food to what I normally would... and some of it has been pretty great.

I made this for breakfast yesterday. I call it "breakfast trifle". I don't know if Americans eat trifle...?? It's usually cake, jelly, fruit and custard with whipped cream on top, I think, but can be modified a lot. Anyway, mine included: 
"diet" peach jelly (as in the gelatinous stuff)
and "custard" which was... umm... cashew spread, greek yoghurt and a banana whizzed up.
Believe it or not this totally tasted like yoghurt! Anyway a pretty random breakfast - but so good!

This morning I was up at 6.00 am to drive to uni... I have to get up that early or I have to spend hours looking for a car park, and I just can't be bothered with that. So today's less inspired and quick breakfast - instant oats!

I did add a spoonful of cashew spread to spice it up, though (I so love overcooked oats when it goes all dark in the corner...)

When I got to uni (7.30 am) I was feeling pretty tired. I didn't get my usual eight hours of sleep, and anything less than that makes me super cranky. So I got a cappuccino (plus it's half price this week, so how can I say no?)

I ate this after the cappuccino to 'freshen the breath' ;P You can see the riveting chemistry study that consumed my hours from roughly 7:30 am - 1:30 pm. Organic chemistry is evil. I pretty much sat in the one spot in the library all that time, only moving for coffee and the toilet. It was super fun.

I was hungry again in like, 30 minutes after the coffee... so I ate these both in quick succession! (Brain food?)

Quick lunch grabbed before sitting my test at 2pm, salmon sushi & a selection from the salad bar. Think there was pumpkin, capsicum, onion, couscous, spinach... dunno what else, random stuff!

Then I sat my test, after waiting for one hour!!! (There was like 100 people trying to sit the same test in a tiny room, so I had to stand in line... ugh!) I got 85% which I am fairly happy with, as it was a difficult test. I may have dreams about 1,2-dichloro-cyclo-hex-2-ene tonight or something though...!

On the way home there was traffic because of a car accident. Seriously, every single time I drive to uni there is a car accident. I usually take the train because traffic makes me crazy. So I got home at 4.30 and was starving, I immediately dug into one of these that I made yesterday...

Not sure what to call it - peanut flour apple apricot oat bread/brownie/cake? They were based on a banana sultana bread recipe, but they came out super fudgey. I won't share the recipe because they aren't that great... like, the batter tasted AWFUL and I almost threw it out, but I added stevia quickly before putting it in the oven and now they taste good :) Which is good - because I doubled the recipe!

I also had a bunch of roasted chickpeas.

And an apple with some water.... (I was sooo hungry..)

Then I went for a walk for about 30 mins. I wasn't feeling up to a workout since I was tired - plus yesterday I went for an hour walk, 20 min run & kickboxing - which ended up being quite a difficult session!

Dinner was light after that with spinach, beetroot, cauliflower and carrots... but then I followed it with the best dessert ever...

Chocolate Avocado Banana Pudding!

I've had chocolate avocado pudding heaps of times before with just the avocado and cocoa powder, but this time I mixed in a banana, some protein powder, a splash of almond milk, and a tsp of greek yoghurt and it was soooooooooooooooo good. Then obviously strawberries and blueberries - I even prettified it for the blog ;P

This picture makes me drool.

I kinda want to jump on the outfit bandwagon as well, because honestly most of the time I am way too lazy and just wear jeans and a shirt and don't make much effort. I think if I take pics of my outfit it might encourage me to make the effort?

And I'm not the question kind of person but... have you ever had chocolate avocado pudding??? It's amazing...
Oh and if you're American I have a few questions: What is candy corn? Do you guys eat trifle? aaand... have you ever tried vegemite! (I guess we all ask that lol!) ;)
Just for my own curiosity!


  1. I love that your uni has a salad bar and offers sushi! What amazing healthy choices! I was on a really small campus at my uni and it only ever stocked sandwiches... rubbish!
    That chocolate avacado pudding looks SO good. I tried to make it once but I could not get over the taste of the avacado in it so I'll just have to make do with your pretty pictures instead!

  2. Wow I am jealous of the eats you have available...yum! I agree with the above commenter, that pudding looks great! I have never even heard of adding avocado before

  3. Gah I wish my uni offered such good food! Mine is the typical not-so-tasty-looking sandwich type place..ummm no thankyouu!
    Aw shame your apricot brownie cakey thing didn't turn out too sounds great!! I absolutely love peanut flour :)

  4. CANDY CORN IS THE BEST THING ON EARTH. It's basically sugar. It doesn't taste like corn or anything - the only thing corn about it is corn syrup. Oh my gosh I can't believe they don't have it in other countries. and No, I've never tried vegemite.

  5. Candy corn is pure sugar/corn syrup in the shape of a triangle... haha

    LOVE trifles and i make them every summer!

    and never tried vegemite!

    happy wiaw! <3

  6. Hey!:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Oh I love those sesame snaps! :) satisfies my sweet tooth... And yum! I would to love to try making the chocolate avocado banana pudding soon!! but bananas are still so expensive:(

  7. Yes, we eat trifle, though usually ours are layers of cake, pudding and fruit. Yes, I've had Vegemite. And candy corn is just pure sugar in the shape of a large kernel of corn and white, orange and yellow's very sweet but super addicting. A common Halloween candy :)

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  9. Since trifle is a british thing, the only people I know who eat it at the holidays have some kind of british heritage.

    We don't have vegemite here but you can get marmite in some places, which is the same thing imported from the UK. I've never had it done properly, because once I spread it on toast like jam and it was the worst thing I ever tasted. I didn't know you are only supposed to use a teeny tiny bit. Now I am scarred for life... hah!