Friday, October 7, 2011

Delicious chocolatey goodness.

This may indeed be a mish-mash of randomness. That is how I roll... especially when I'm study procrastinating!

How do I roll?
I like randomness, spontaneity, adventure, crazy-ness and impromptu activities.


I make lots of lists, so many in fact that I need a list of the lists I currently have:
1. stuff to do today
2. study to do today
3. stuff to do this week
4. stuff to do this year
5. workout plan for the week
6. food plan for the week
7. recipes I want to make
8. things I want to do after exams
9. bucket list.

There's probably actually more. I love lists!!!! That crossing off part... ohhh so satisfying!

In other news... I cracked open the Justin's Hazelnut Nut Butter today, and OHMYGOD. I first sampled it with a spoon, and had to force myself to stop going back for more.... then I had it on top of a mini PB-chocolate muffin that I'd quickly zapped in the microwave and it was like HEAVEN. It melted all over and I was drooling... as I ate... is it actually possible to drool while you're already eating that which you're drooling over?? (Ok, sorry, long sentence there... and I must clarify that I wasn't actually drooling... just a figure of speech)

Can you see the reason for my drooling... oh yes. I took several pictures to show different angles and everything. haha.


OK, I'll stop with the pictures of that now... so I think I must have been on a serious chocolate kick today because I also made chocolate french toast again... with banana.

Doesn't that look amazing??! It was... with cocoa powder, cinnamon and stevia sprinkled over the top.

Here's another muffin I ate yesterday, it was kinda undercooked... well, really undercooked, (which is why I microwaved today's one) but still good! 

Oh, and here was yesterday's breakfast, a random parfait with Kashi GoLean, oats, raspberries, two different yoghurts - a mango one and greek yoghurt, a bit of mango, and a few black chia seeds. Pretty good!

I promise there will be vegies for dinner, mum!

Oh and here's this week's exercise so far, I'm pretty happy with how it's gone:

Sunday: ran 6km
Monday: kickboxing
Tuesday: BodyPump & 3km run
Wednesday: 44 x laps of 25m pool
Thursday: Kickboxing
Friday: not sure yet... either a 5km run & bodypump, or 5km run & kickboxing... hmmmm.... was meant to do the run yesterday but we had "unsavoury" characters hanging around outside in my street :/

Tomorrow... bodypump if I don't do it tonight, or rest, or swim....?? Arrr why must I always make last minute decisions ;P too many things I enjoy doing, it's difficult!


  1. I love the chocolate hazelnut butter!! It's like healthy nutella - that could be better?! I love it with strawberry jam. I definitely need to pick up a jar sometime soon!

  2. Your nut butter on a muffin has made me seriously want to bake right now! Hello food porn!!

    I seriously want to try Justin's nut butters. We don't have that over here. I like how you can get little packets of the stuff. That's awesome x

  3. I also looooooove lists. I have an never ending amount of them!

  4. oh wow... what wonderful pictures of this food! Give me some chocolate NOWW please :)

  5. OMG! I've always wanted to try Justin's choc hazelnut butter!!! Where do you get 'em from?? :D