Sunday, October 9, 2011

Surprises at the local

I've been feeling a little like I'm coming down with something the last couple of days, as Friday and Saturday I had almost no appetite (HUH? When does that ever happen...) so have been dosing up on the good stuff.... moreso than usual.

Friday's dinner: Cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, baby spinach, beetroot, goat's feta cheese, and japanese marinated tofu (store bought already marinated)

Last night's dinner: gigantic mushroom stuffed with baked beans, pesto, baby spinach, a tomato, onion & basil vegie sausage all smooshed up, and cheese - grilled. I loooove giant stuffed mushrooms!!

This morning's post-workout smoothie (did 8km, and I so wasn't feeling it!) anyway: blueberries, strawberries, frozen raspberries, banana, choc protein powder, cinnamon and some soy milk. Super delicious!

Bought some of these yesterday. It's one of those multipacks. I dunno why, but I always want something unhealthy when I'm unwell. I think it's because when I was little and sick, mum would always buy us those glucose jellybeans at the pharmacy along with our medication. Anyway, turkish delight was always a fave pre-ED, so time to rekindle the love, I think - one tiny fun size bar at a time!

And here's where the title came from. Was shopping at the local supermarket here in suburban Western Australia (where you usually find nothing like this - almost always have to go to specialty health stores for the good stuff) and I found these two gems!!! Never even seen them before - Unsweetened coconut milk, and a four pack of single serve hazelnut milk (with chocolate). OMG. Super excited! Was going to have a hazelnut milk post-workout but it has virtually no protein or calcium, so thought it would be better to have something with that in.

Super tired from my run this morning (It's longer than I usually do...) and all the chores I've also been doing - the dishes, vacuuming, watering the garden, cleaning the cat's "stuff" up, laundry... time to settle down with a good book a few assignments.


  1. I've never tried turkish delight before, but it has always intrigued me ever since the kids in The Chronicles of Narnia ate it. When I'm sick I crave bread like crazy!