Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Goals & September recap

So here's the goals I had for September, and how I went...

1. Eat something which offers little to no nutritional value once a week 

Had chocolate caramel slice, hot potato chips, a giant sugary muffin and actually loads of stuff on my week away bushwalking... since I didn't have control... and it was OK!

Kinda failed at the rest of these... I think it was kind of hard with the week away and actually starting my goals 10 days into September! Plus cleaning my car is not really a priority!

2. I will complete 2 strength workouts a week - (minus the week away)
3. I will actually follow the 100 pushup plan!
4. I will clean my car... been putting this one off too long :)

So I'm setting some easier goals for October:
1. Reduce the amount of coffee / diet coke I drink - get down to 1 coffee every two days, 1 diet coke a week.
2. Prepare my lunch for the week on the weekend.
3. Actually schedule me-time that isn't exercise related into my study schedule, rather than procrastinating being my me-time.

And that should do it!
So in September I:

Wow, it really gives you a boost writing it all out like that and seeing what you've achieved!! 

Oh, and here's this week's plan:
SAT (today): bodypump & yoga
SUN: 6k run
MON: swim?
TUES: run 3km OR spinning (pretty sure you can guess which I will pick..)
WED: weights/bodypump & kickboxing
THURS: swim & kickboxing
FRI: rest
SAT: Run 8km

It will probably change though... it always does!