Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Exam cramming and strength workouts

Ramble ramble ramble... I don't feel like doing WIAW today because I ate nothing interesting. Except pink chicken, waiting to get sick now...

Today was my anatomy exam, and I think I did OK... there were a few more questions that I guessed than I would like... but I definitely did not leave any questions with blank answer fields! Always gotta guess something just in case.... ;)
There were 140 questions so a couple that I was unsure of isn't too bad I suppose, when there's that many!!

I spent the first four hours of today doing a bit of a cram session... I know a lot of people say that doing this is bad, but I think combined with many weeks of studying, it can be a great strategy. There's always last minute things that you see and go, ahh, I didn't study that area too well - and having it just stay in your brain for another couple of hours is good enough for the exam. Or you might revise a bit more on a weak area. Cramming is great, if you ask me. Doing it the night before, not so much. But the few hours before - yes.

After my exam I went to the gym and did 10 mins on the elliptical before I was bored out of my mind, then I went for about 5 mins on the rower but put in a really good effort...

'Twas mainly a strength workout though for ~ 30 mins:
Dead lifts 2 x 15 (20kg)
Shoulder lifty thing 2 x 15 (What is this called again?) (20kg)
Pulldown machine 2 x 15 (Level 5)
Upright row 2 x 5 (20kg)
Biceps 2 x 15 (3kg each hand)
Chest press 3 x 15 (6 kg each hand)
Tricep press x 30 (on bench)
Situps 45 (on fit ball)
Lunges 45 (w/6 kg in hands)
Pushups 45 (on toes)
Plank 1 min
30 oblique situps

Yeah, I'm no good at strength workouts without BodyPump! I end up just doing random things that I remember from BodyPump, and tend to leave out large areas (like I forgot to do squats, and only 10 rows?) I need to write some kind of program down and bring it in with me... but I'm happy I did it, because I skip my strength workouts a lot... just doesn't have the same appeal as cardio stuff! 

And I kinda tend to judge people at the gym. Does anyone else do this? People who are on the bikes going super slow, chatting to their friends. What's the point? And all the guys "spotting" with their friends just look gay, in my opinion. In general I just find the gym a place full of superficial, boring people. I'd much rather be outdoors pounding the pavement / grass / whatever, swimming in the ocean, cycling outdoors, bushwalking in the... well, bush.... kickboxing in a ring. The gym is just so... stuffy!! But necessary, d'oh!

Tonight we were meant to have a dinner for my brother's birthday, so I didn't have anything else planned. Now I'm thinking I might go to kickboxing training, although I'll see how I feel later on. It's so annoying that it's at 7.45pm!

Also... my love for the show Mystery Diagnosis actually helped me in exams :D Woooooo!


  1. I hope you have a fun time at the dinner.. .I am sorry that it's so late though! Oh and I think that looks like a great ST workout! I think I shall copy it for my next gym sesh :)

  2. I don't really pay attention to others at the gym, other than looking to see how fast the person next to me is running.

  3. I judge people at the gym too, but I know I shouldn't. It's great that people are at least making an effort to exercise. Sometimes I wish I could just go give them tips or something on how to get more out of their workouts!

  4. I don't like the gym either! Though I'm thinking of taking a Pilates class at the gym...we will see I suppose.
    On the bright side the gym is a good place to people watch :)