Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIAW #6 - No vegies, lots of fruit!

My favourite food for the last couple of days...

This morning's breakfast was yet another repeat of the Banana Bread Protein Pancakes (although I had no cottage cheese, so subbed in greek yoghurt... which made it a runnier mixture - but oh well!) I put apricot jam on top, a quick berry sauce made with pretty much microwaved raspberries and some sliced nani's. 

A Clif Bar :D That's right, I got an order from iHerb on Monday and was pretty excited to dig in to all these goodies I've been seeing on blogs. Think this was the Brownie flavour??

Apple... I have these every day... keeps the doctor away, y'know?

Ha these pictures are not really in order... this is my berry 'sauce'... I jsut thought it looked pretty :D

Close up of my banana pancakes... oh yeah, I added black chia seeds to the recipe too, which you can kinda see here.

Who doesn't like close up pictures of banana...

This is yesterday's banana with PB on it... I kinda took the pic when I'd already eaten most of it. And if you ever wanted to know the definition of laryngopharynx... well that's in the background of the pic!

My iHerb package.. Kashi Go Lean (no wonder everyone eats this, with 10g protein, 10g fibre with each serving!!), peanut flour (which I used this arvo making Sweet Tooth Runner's mini PB muffins - still in the oven ;), clif bars, luna bars, quinoa flakes, almond milk and Justin's hazelnut butter. Haven't dug in yet... but I'm thinking it will be soon!

Yesterday's unattractive 'pina colada' oats I made up... pretty much oats, greek yoghurt, pineapple and coconut butter. Unfortunately somehow the coconut butter solidified on mixing so I had big clumps of coconut butter and the flavour didn't really go throughout. Bummer!

Monday's carrot cake oats... I think I got this from a recipe somewhere, but I can't remember where!! And I didn't have anything to use as a "cream cheese" icing, so it's kinda greek yoghurt mixed with leftover custard... haha, sort of worked?!

Today's lunch... no wonder I'm still full at 5pm, when you see the crazy thickness of the PB! This is kinda my go-to lunch whenever inspiration does not strike. It's why I've been trying to plan my lunches out or make lunches on the weekend instead, because while I know PB is good for you to an extent, having PB sandwiches every day is not... especially when it means I'm not getting in as much vegies as I could!!! Do you see any vegies at all on this page!?

And here's just a pretty picture of a sunset I snapped the other day, because I love sunsets!


  1. Yup, love that cereal. I use it in my parfaits in place of granola.

  2. Last time I made carrot cake oats I was so grossed out by them. It's weird how sometimes that happens, maybe I just need a break.

    Peanut flour is the BEST!

  3. ooo that is a pretty sunset picture! I can see why you wanted to capture it :) Peanut flour is so so good, I need to get my own stash pronto

  4. Oh my gosh that sunset is amazing!!! And I love love love fruit. Then again I also clearly really like vegetables ;) haha

    Tasty eats! Bananas and PB rock my socks!

  5. yes veggies! i spy carrots! hehehe =) Happy WIAW!!!

  6. Look like a good day! I really want to order a load of stuff from iHerb, it's on my to-do list :)

  7. How do you make your berry sauce? It looks super yummy and looks like the perfect pancake or oatmeal topper.

  8. Oooh your banana pancakes look delicious :) I could bite right into one of those!

    That sunset is indeed beautiful :) x

  9. I love all the products you got!! Especially the peanut flour. I love mixing it with greek yogurt and especially making muffins with it. It gives the best texture ever!