Wednesday, October 19, 2011


(What I ate Wednesday, What I wore Wednesday, What I worked Wednesday)

Woohoo my favourite blog day of the week!
Already been drooling over many of the blog foods posted so far...

So at 6.30 this morning I was happily munching away on my oats (a fairly boring mix of 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup hazelnut chocolate milk, and a few spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg) when my mum came in my room with...

My Amazon package!!! I ordered this September 9... so I have been stalking the letterbox ever since then, and it FINALLY arrived. YAY! Umm, excuse the bed hair.

It consisted of these three books. Awesome timing, just in time for exam week and procrastination... I did manage about five hours of study today though.

I also happened to buy this book yesterday while partaking in retail therapy.

And these magazines... think there was another one, but I couldn't find it at the time of taking the picture.

So this is my super-hot outfit for the day... pyjamas! Well, the pants and shirt are. The jacket is just a random jacket I decided to wear over my pyjamas. And sooo matching too! (P.S. Purple is awesome.)

I did actually manage to get out of the pyjamas to go to a BodyPump class at 10.30 am. It was a good class, but the bicep track was super easy for once, although maybe that's because the instructor turned the music up really loud and started singing in a whiney voice, so I was busier trying to block that out... abs are killing me though!! 

(I totally got back into my PJs after BodyPump)

Second workout of the day was kickboxing tonight, which was an all boxing night.. but we did a bit of sparring at the end and I went with a guy who managed to get in a good kick to my kidney, stomach and a good punch to my face... yowzer! The instructor said I did good fighting back though, so yay! I also entered myself into the tournament at the beginning of Nov. I entered as a novice though since I've been away from training for three years. Can't wait!

Part of my daily routine always includes hugs with the kitty, so here's a pic of him chilling out on my lap...

One of my snacks. These are good!

One of my pumpkin / almond muffins with ABC spread on top.

Self-explanatory snack bar :D

This was my lunch (PB & marmalade)... I dunno, I felt like a lot of simple stuff today because my tummy is not feeling right the last couple of days (Not just from all the situps, though!)

Dinner was a beef stir fry and rice and vegies. I think there were other snacks in there too that I forgot to take pics of. Oh well!


  1. Ahaha I'm pretty much wearing the same (lovely!) pj outfit. Yay for pyjama days!


  2. Love the picture of you w/ the box, I am definitely that excited to get packages as well! Muffin looks good. And so does the PB sandwich. I could go for one of those about now...

  3. I ordered something from Amazon on Friday and got it on Monday! ;) I cannot believe your took over a month! Dang. Loving the outfit!


  4. I heard the Dean Karnazes book is really good!

  5. I loveee packages! That picture of you is too perfect :)

  6. I love peanut butter and I love marmalade but I never thought of them together...Yummmm....

  7. Way to go for entering yourself into kickboxing tournament! I'm sure you will make an amazing comeback :)
    I haven't tried that particular flavor of Carman's bar...will have to purchase this next time.

  8. yummmm. carman's choc muesli bars are soooo good! :D
    Hope you're feeling better! :)

  9. Haha I buy all my pajamas and lounge clothes in purple too! Love it!

  10. Hopefully all those running mags/books will motivate you. I love to run but hate to read about it, ha ha. I much prefer I good thriller. I think you look great by the way. All your work will pay off.

  11. I'm so jealous of all your running books and magazines!! I am such a running nerd. I could read about it for hours on end. I LOVED Kara Goucher's book!!! There is so much good advice in there. It's a must read!!

  12. Wooo hooo for pajama days, good food and new stuff!