Sunday, August 21, 2011

How do you train for a hike?

Last week's plan went sort of to plan - except I didn't do Saturdays or Sunday's planned workouts because I'd had about 6 hrs sleep thanks to work Saturday, and Sunday...worked again, plus well, my shins are still quite tender so thought I'd have another day. I'm also really bad if I have one day off, I find it easier to take another :(. But not to worry, will make up for it tomorrow!! Going to start "training" for the hike, not really sure how since I've never really trained for a hike, but I'm thinking 5km walk every day, with maybe a longer walk on weekends... plus my normal running training??? Will somehow make it so I'm not tired for Sunday's race. SO... here's my draft plan for this week....

Sunday (today): rest.
Monday: 5km (3.1m) run + 5km walk + 100 pushups program
Tuesday: BodyPump
Wednesday: 5km run + 5km walk (hills) + 100 pushups program
Thursday: 5km walk
Friday: swim + 100 pushups program
Saturday: rest / maybe yoga?
Sunday: Race, 12km (7.5 m) :D

I am feeling a little restless at the moment actually, so I might end up getting on the exercise bike for a bit tonight.