Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekly Plan

o yesterday... or whenever it was.. I posted a weekly recap of my workouts, so this time I might post a plan in a hope to stick to it, haha (including yesterdays)

Monday: Boot Camp, 100 pushups program (did 79 - oh they hurt)
Tuesday: Did a 3km run, not feeling too well.
Wednesday: Boot camp, 100 pushups program
Thursday 5km walk, maybe something strength related in the afternoon.
Friday: Last Boot Camp!!, 100 pushups program
Saturday: swim 50 - 100 laps
Sunday: long run. again, depends how the shins feel.

I'm kinda reluctant to give myself KM's at the moment because of the way my shins are feeling. I did a bit of a run to my car last night when it was raining at uni and they hurt a bit, so we'll see how we go. I was going to cross-train today with a gym class but I've missed it by sleeping in :/

Oh, and I gained .7 kg this week. Why does this keep happening? You can't gain this much muscle every week. I must eat too much, but I'm reluctant to restrict myself...