Sunday, August 28, 2011

City to Surf 2011

I have nothing huge to mention about this morning's race... I think I did it in 1.18 to 1.21 hrs, but I can't be totally sure! Will find out tomorrow when they upload the results. Right on the money with my guesstimate of time :)
I was feeling good apart from the nausea, I was up half the night with this weird stomach bug I've had for the last couple of days... but otherwise feeling pretty good.
One thing that really pissed me off - there were protesters on the sidelines. Seriously, go away! Who wants to hear you chanting negative stuff when we're having a good time? I could hear some of the other runners yelling back at them, good on them.
Then there's the people that cut in front of you (like, RIGHT in front of you) and then go really slow... ugh!
I saw one of my friends at one point and tried to catch up but then lost track of him, so I don't know how I went compared to him.
And there was someone getting CPR, like, 5 metres before the finish point :( I hope they made it... that's scary!
Met up with those from work afterwards and we got burgers - I got a sesame crusted chickpea burger with aioli on wholemeal bread... sounded healthy but my gut is not happy now - although that could be dehydration nausea also.