Sunday, August 14, 2011

My health...

Gasp, updating two days in a row...
Thought I'd do a recap of my week's exercise and whatnot...

Sunday: rest day (as I was working all day)
Monday: 6am boot camp sesh
Tuesday: 5.44 km run (3.3 miles)
Wednesday: boot camp sesh
Thursday: 20 min walk
Friday: boot camp sesh
Saturday 1hr at gym - 15 min run, 25 min elliptical, 5 min row, 5 min bike
Sunday (today): 30 min HIIT session on the exercise bike...

Weekly running km's (according to runkeeper): 11.5km (7 miles)

Despite this probably not looking like much to some, I actually feel like I've overtrained... well, that's what my muscles are telling me :( Boot Camp has been pretty hardcore though. It's the last week this week, and so they will most likely step it up! Hopefully I'll get a better score on the fitness test. Then I plan back to kickboxing and on to my half-marathon training plan... which I'm planning on making really, really long... like, a YEAR long. Just gotta get it all written up so I'm not increasing the K's too quick, or the speed, and allowing for holidays / courses / sickness, etc... I don't want to go at it too hard and get injuries etc.

City to Surf is in two weeks on Sunday, and as usual I'm just racing for fun, but also to beat last year's time, because every year I get a little fitter!!

Hmm, haven't been eating very well this week though. Too many protein bars... kinda thinking I might stop eating them and just go back to natural protein. And way too much bread, not enough vegetables and fruit, so I am feeling like the exercise is doing me good but the nutrition is just way below par. Surviving on peanut butter sandwiches and protein bars is just not healthy.