Saturday, August 27, 2011

On a downer...

Not much to report today... slowly catching up with uni work!
Stomach is now playing up, may just be nerves for tomorrow, but there's no need to be nervous! I only do fun runs for fun, since I am in no way speedy enough to be serious enough to compete. I would like to beat last year's time, though.

I made this chocolate cheesecake from Taking Small Bites' blog. I accidently put in too much cocoa powder though, which is why mine is much darker than hers (and probably much richer.... I could only eat half at first... then went back and ate the rest later ;)) It was very delicious though.

I also had this for breakfast. It was pretty good, but 220 calories for that tiny little container was a bit much, I can make bigger smoothies for less ;P It was more a smoothie than juice though.

I also ate my weight in dried fruit... it was kind of a binge to tell you the truth. I'm feeling pretty down at the moment because I'm so stressed about study. I'm really behind so I tell myself there's no time to catch up with friends... so I don't... then I'm stressed because I'm not hanging out with friends. Then I procrastinate... then I'm behind again... it's a vicious cycle :( This is probably the cause of my tummy issues... too much dried fruit!

There's other issues going on at the moment too which are getting me down but I'll leave that alone for the moment. I don't want to be a downer blogger. Hopefully everything will feel better once I go running tomorrow, 3 days without is killing me!